29 June 2011

Fennell Reunion

Hi, everyone It is now almost the first of July and our reunion is in August. Hopefully we will have a great turnout of the R.J. and Teresa Fennell descendants. Don't forget that we are having the panoramic photo taken. Please wear the colored shirts, t shirts that have been assigned to your family.

18 November 2009

Aunt Doris

I apologize for not letting you know till now that Mom is back at home. She came home from St. Joseph's Nursing Home on October 24. She is much stronger now, though still needs to use a walker when moving about. Mom is hopeful that she can eventually switch the walker for her cane instead. As determined as she is, this will probably happen sooner than later! Please keep her in your prayers. Give her a call, she would love to hear from you. Stop by for a visit, if you are in the area, it would brighten her day.

11 November 2009

Kathleen Butte Grimes Update

Raul and I are happy to announce the birth of our first grandchild. Amanda and husband Nathan had an 8lb 12oz girl born on Oct 4. Califia Louisa Resch was baptized at Mission San Diego de Alcala on Oct 11th. I might add she was late in arriving and, therefore, the youngest baby to be baptized that day. We were just glad she arrived for the event because our three sons and daughter-in-law had purchased tickets to come meet their new niece and attend the baptism. It was a great family gathering.

Late in October, I flew home to assist other family members in caring for Mom and Dad. Mary and Stan was able to take a break and fly to Seattle to visit their oldest son Andrew. Eileen, Ron and I held down the fort. Mom embraces life as it is each day. Every task is such work for her, but she is an inspiration to all of us. She reads her prayer book daily, reads the paper, and in spite of having limited speech, engages in broken but meaningful conversation with those close to her. Dad is really slowing down and is dealing with bouts of confusion. He has had some mini strokes but his other tests are within normal range so far. All I can say is that my hat goes off to my siblings who are close and provide such loving care. I've made 7 trips back in the past 22months and it's just not enough. Please keep Mom, Dad and their care givers in your prayers.

Raul and I will be visiting Mary Ann and Al Mochel this Sunday, November 15, to enjoy a fall dinner together. We live about 60 miles from one another and try to get together three or four times a year. We were delighted that Catherine, Jane and Larry were all able to pay us a visit this summer. Anyone else visiting Oregon is always welcome. The Oregon coast is beautiful and we are only a half mile from the ocean.

01 October 2009

Aunt Doris

I wanted to let the family know that Mom is at St. Joseph's Nursing Home in Lacon. She went there on Monday, September 28 and will probably be there for a month or so. She had been hosptalized for a colon infection on September 9 and came home on September 13. She was weak and needed someone with her at all times. After two weeks of little improvement, her Doctor determined that she would benefit by going to the nursing home for physical therapy. We hope that she can regain her strength through exercise and rest. She is determined to do all that is required so that she can be back home in no time. If you are in the area, stop in to say hi. I know she would be thrilled to see you.

14 September 2009

Aunt Doris

Mom has had some medical issues since many of you saw her at the family reunion. On the 18th of August she had an angioplasty done for the third time. It was successfully completed. She was kept in the hospital an extra day so that she could receive 2 units of blood because the rhuematoid arthritis was causing trouble with her blood counts. She was feeling better afterward but tired easily. On September 9 she was back in the hospital due to abdominal pain. It was found that she had an infection in her colon. She remained in the hospital till Sunday, September 13. She is at home recuperating and will take things very slowly for several days.

Her 87th birthday is on October 2. We are planning a small party for her at home (if you can call our family gatherings small,??!!) and are hopeful that Mom will be feeling much better and ready to celebrate.

12 August 2009

Tom Tully Family

Hello all. I'm just getting on line at Pete's invitation to keep you all up to date on the Tom Tully clan--yes, I think it's big enough now to call it a clan all on its own. This will probably come as several smaller entries rather than one big one now that I've gotten this far.

All the family members are well and scattered all over the US and Lima, Peru (Anne and Spencer). Grandchildren are growing up, heading off to college, high school, middle school, grade school and there are also two little guys not quite ready for academia. Some of the children are also starting & continuing college or getting further education.

Tom is well and though retired is keeping busy as an interpreter for those who have difficulty understanding all the legalese in the courts. He's also become quite active in the American Legion.

I'm looking for a job--there's just too many others looking and too few jobs opening up here in Eugene. It's been great reading the various entries and trying to catch up with the family. Enjoyed Jane and Larry's visit to Oregon and their too short time with us. --Jan

07 August 2009

Family Reunion

Hi everyone,
I really enjoyed the Fennell family reunion this year. It seemed as though there was time for everyone to visit. As usual, Jerry did a great job of obtaining a place for us to have it and was very good at keeping the business meeting going and on tract. Many kudos to all those who brought the wonderful food. I know that I must have gained a pound or so. It is always good to see all the cousins and even better that we had time to visit. Until the next time.